Candice Hinckley, Miller Library CoordinatorCandice Hinckley

As the Library Coordinator, I am responsible for what transpires at the Service Desk and, as the student assistants can verify, we have to be ready for anything, with smiles on our faces! What the library customers think of us and what we do is very important to me. It takes a village or, in my case, a team of great coworkers and a dedicated student staff.

1. Describe yourself in 3 words.

Assiduous, Just, Resilient

2. What do you value most about your work?  

I value education in whatever form it takes and from whatever source it comes. I have learned a great deal simply by being alive for almost six decades! The students teach me a lot, and I hope that I return the favor on occasion. .

3. When not at work, what three activities do you enjoy the most?

Spending time with the best dog ever, my Sheltie Mr. Marx; laughing loudly and often with my friends; reading and thinking about interesting things. 

4. What are your reading/watching/listening to?

I am currently reading a book called Crazy, about the mental health system in the US. I’ve been watching reruns of old TV shows from the 60s-80s–the cars, the hair, and the shoulder pads are HUGE! I don’t listen to a lot of music; I like it but, at the end of the workday/week, I am happy to sit in silence for a good long while. 

5. In your own words…

My work group, Customer Service & Administration, is in the process of discussing and tweaking some online training modules. They will multiply and supplement the staff’s ability to provide instruction and coaching to the student workers. It’s in beta-testing with some intrepid deskers!