Celia Emmelhainz, Social Sciences Data Librarian

Working as a data librarian means that I’m developing resources for faculty and students in the social sciences to better access and use research data, whether qualitative or quantitative. 

1. Describe yourself in 3 words.

Interested, Analytical, Reflective

2. What do you value most about your work?  

I like the chance to build something new, so it’s exciting to develop the library’s ability to work with research data. I also enjoy working with all of the librarians, faculty, and students at Colby.

3. When not at work, what three activities do you enjoy the most?

I’m a writer and researcher at heart, so I enjoy reading well-written analyses and stories, as well as developing my own essays. I do a bit of painting, and like to meet up with friends and have a good time.

4. What are your reading/watching/listening to?

For work I read about data literacy and data analytics, but at home I’ve been relaxing with funny memoirs like ‘Madwoman in a Volvo,’ ‘Waiter Rant,’ and ‘Provost.’ I have a weakness for watching Parks & Recreation and John Oliver, and enjoy pop and international music.

5. In your own words…

I’d like to see Colby faculty and students have ways of finding, using, and archiving research data effectively. What does that mean? Well, think of all the types of information you might use in your research — spreadsheets, tables, charts, interview transcripts, audio files, old books, or GIS points. How do you find it? Create it? Manipulate it? Store it? That’s what I’m working on, so come see me if you’ve got questions!