Penny Ruksznis, Science Library CoordinatorStaff Spotlight: Penny Ruksznis

My work in the Science Library in Olin includes responsibility for the student staff and the facility. Hiring, training and monitoring student staff members so as to have library personnel at the desk who are courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable about not only the patrons’ needs, but also monitoring the library itself to have a facility ready and pleasant for the patrons. We all work together to make the experience in the library the best it can be for our patrons. 

1. Describe yourself in 3 words.

Optimistic, talkative, happy

2. What do you value most about your work?  

The opportunity to be of service to people. I like teaching the student staff and watching them grow and learn over the years. I like interacting with the patrons, student and faculty, helping however and wherever I can.

3. When not at work, what three activities do you enjoy the most?

Spending time with family and friends
Being outside, whether mowing the lawn, gardening or shoveling snow

4. What are your reading/watching/listening to?

Reading the “Outlander” series
TV? Not so much
I have created several playlists on my iPad.
They are:
A playlist for Jazz and easy listening,
A list for when I’m driving – more in the way of Indie music and old-time Rock and Roll,
The vacation list I play when my husband and I go on our annual trip to a warmer climate, kind of Latin-type music to dance to.

5. In your own words…

I will be hiring a larger than usual group of new students for the fall semester and am watching the new Moodle training site being developed by the CSA Group Advisor, Bob Heath. Some of our intrepid students are Beta-testing it this spring and I am looking forward to using it to its fullest potential this fall in the training of new student staff members.