John James Audubon first published his Birds of America as a set of Double Elephant Folio prints between 1827 and 1838 (gathered together as the Havell Edition). A smaller format edition (Royal Octavo) was published 1840-1844.

The Bien Edition on loan was produced 1858-1860 in the same Double Elephant Folio format as the Havell Edition. Contrasting the use of engraving and hand-coloring in the Havell, the Bien utilized the new process of chromolithography pioneered by Julius Bien of New York. Audubon had died in 1851. The Bien project was commenced by Audubon’s son, John Woodhouse Audubon, by 1858. Due to the American Civil War and the family’s financial difficulties, the project was not completed. The Bien Edition contains 105 plates, representing 150 species – a subset of the original 435 plates (500 species) contained in the Havell Edition.

This volume, and related ornithological texts, are on loan from the Dorros Family of Wilson WY.