Call Number Subject(s) Location
A General Works Miller Stack 6
B Philosophy/Psychology/Religion Miller Stack 6
C Auxiliary/Sciences of History Miller Stack 6
D World History and History of Europe/Asia/Africa/Australia/

New Zealand

Miller Stack 6
E-F History of the Americas Miller Stack 5
G Geography/Anthropology/Recreation Miller Stack 5
H Social Sciences Miller Stack 5
J Political Science Miller Stack 5
K Law Miller Stack 3
L Education Miller Stack 3
P-PN Language and Literature Miller Stack 3
PQ-PR Language and Literature Miller Stack 2
PS-PZ Language and Literature Miller Stack 1
Q Science Olin Floor 1,2
R Medicine Miller Stack 1
S Agriculture Miller Stack 1
T Technology Miller Stack 1
U Military Science Miller Stack 1
V Naval Science Miller Stack 1
Z Bibliography/Library Science/Informational resources Miller Stack 1

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