Use the information on this page to explore resources for students and resources for your research projects. If you don’t find what you need, contact a subject specialist for support, or just Ask Us!

Want Guidance or Support For Your Research Or Project?

  • Contact a subject specialist to arrange a meeting! Subject specialists are trained information and research experts who can help you:
    • Develop and narrow ideas
    • Find and evaluate resources
    • Learn how to effectively use a range of data and information tools
    • Use information and data ethically
    • Approaches to understanding information and data
    • Analyze, synthesize and include resources into any research projects
    • And much more…

Tips to Start Your Research

  • Start by making a concept or mind map
  • From your concept or mind map write down key ideas, concepts, and connections that you would want to find information about
  • Turn these key ideas, concepts, and connections into keywords that you would use to search for information
  • Use the How Do I…guides below to refine research, discover resources, find solutions and best practices when researching any topic

Explore These Guides On How Do I…?

Examples Of Some Common Library Resources Used To Locate Information