The Libraries have lots and resources and services for students. Following are some specific resources and tips. If you are still looking for what you need, contact a library liaison for support or Ask Us!

Guidance or Support For Your Research Or Project

Reach out to a library liaison to arrange a meeting! Library liaisons are research experts who can help you discover and access subject-specific information, as well as:

  • Develop and narrow ideas
  • Find and evaluate resources
  • Learn how to use a range of data and information tools effectively
  • Use information and data ethically
  • Approaches to understanding information and data
  • Analyze, synthesize and include resources in any research projects
  • And much more…

Tips to Start Your Research

  • Start by making a concept or mind map
  • From your concept or mind map, write down key ideas, concepts, and connections that you would want to find information about
  • Turn these key ideas, concepts, and connections into keywords that you would use to search for information
  • Use the How Do I…guides below to refine research, discover resources, and find solutions and best practices when researching any topic

Explore our How-To Guides for Help With

Examples Of Some Common Library Resources Used To Locate Information