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2020-2022 continues to be a watershed period in United States and global history. We continue to fight the COVID-19 pandemic while witnessing horrific instances of injustice and racism and alarming effects of climate change. In this challenging and constantly changing time of unprecedented moments, the College Archives invites Colby’s students, faculty, staff, and alumni to document your reflections and experiences for the college’s historical record.

We welcome and appreciate any and all submissions documenting your personal story as a Colby community member in 2020, 2021, and beyond. Our mission is to seek and represent all voices in the Colby community and we hope to minimize silences in the college record. However, we understand and respect the importance of personal privacy; no one should feel compelled to submit.

Some suggestions:

  • Journaling
  • Oral histories/testimonies
  • Original art/photography/music/stories/poetry/zines

Submitting to the College Archives

The Colby College Archives collects and maintains institutional records of enduring value to promote knowledge and understanding of the College’s origins, programs, and goals. The Archives will accept submissions in digital or physical form.

Current Colby students, faculty, and staff:

To contribute to the digital collection, click the “Submit your story” button below. For all non-digital submissions, and for any questions regarding either digital or physical submissions, contact Katie Donahue.

Colby alumni:

Please contact Katie Donahue for any digital or physical submissions.

Contributions will be made available to researchers both online and in Colby’s Special Collections & Archives according to submission agreements.

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