Colbiana Photographs
Images from the Colby College Libraries’ Colbiana Collection. Primarily comprising digitized historical photographs. Highlights include views of Colby’s first campus in downtown Waterville and the construction of the current campus on Mayflower Hill. (Public access.)

Colby College Museum of Art

Highlights from the museum’s collections available in the Artstor Digital Library. Images may be downloaded for educational use. (Access: Colby and other users affiliated with Artstor subscribing institutions.)
For public access, see the Colby College Museum of Art website (downloading unavailable).

A Teaching Collection for the Arts and Humanities at Colby. (Colby access only.)

Somalia, Middle Jubba Valley, Ethnographic Photographs

Ethnographic photographs of daily life in 1987-88 in the Middle Jubba Valley, Somalia, focusing on communities of Bu’alle, Banta, Jabbi, Canole, Maddow and pastoralist life. Collection also includes photographs of Mogadishu, Merca, and Kismayo. Derived from the research of Catherine L. Besteman, Professor of Anthropology, Colby College. Photography by Jorge Acero. (Public access.)

Additional Image Resources

Artstor Digital Library
Subscription database of over 1.8 million images. Coverage is primarily the arts, with some additional humanities and social sciences content. (Access: Colby and other users affiliated with Artstor subscribing institutions.)

Colby College Libraries Image Resources Guide
Guided assistance to locating images using Colby-owned imagebases or via the Internet. (Public access.)


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