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Ernest Hamlin Abbott, Jr. (1870-1971)
Materials dated: 1927-1929

Jacob Abbott (1803-1879)
Maine author of children’s books. Materials dated: 1840-1885.

John Stevens Cabot Abbott (1805-1877)
American historian and pastor; graduate of Bowdoin College. Materials dated: 1876.

Lyman Abbott (1835-1922)
American Congregationalist theologian and author. Materials dated: 1900-1920.

Edward Hamlin Adams (1777-1842)
Materials dated: 1796-1799.

John Adams (1735-1826)
American statesman, diplomat, and political theorist. Materials dated: 1772.

John Quincy Adams (1767-1848)
6th President of the United States. Materials dated: 1822.

Conrad Potter Aiken (1889-1973)
American poet and novelist. Materials dated: 1932-1968.

Paul Akers (1825-1861)
Maine sculptor. Materials dated: 1858-1860.

Thomas Bailey Aldrich (1836-1907)
New Hampshire poet, novelist, travel writer and editor. Materials dated: 1857-1917.

Elizabeth Chase Akers Allen (1831-1911)
Maine author, journalist and poet. Pseud. Florence Percy Allen. Materials dated: 1862-1911.

Adelbert Ames (1835-1933)
Maine Civil War general, Governor of Mississippi, Radical Republican. Materials dated: 1866-1895.

Clementina Anstruther-Thomson (1857-1921)
British intellectual, collaborator with Violet Paget (pseud. Vernon Lee). Materials dated: 1887-1921.

George Arliss (1868-1946)
English actor, author, and filmmaker. Materials dated: 1920-1942.

Chester Alan Arthur (1830-1886)
21st President of the United States. Materials dated: 1873.

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Leonard Bacon (1887-1954)
American poet, translator, and literary critic. Materials dated: 1936-1948.

Maurice Baring (1874-1945)
British dramatist, poet, novelist, translator and essayist, travel writer and war correspondent. Materials dated: 1902-1937.

Jane Barlow (1857-1917)
Irish novelist and poet. Materials undated.

Katharine Lee Bates (1859-1929)
American songwriter, author of the anthem “America the Beautiful.” Materials dated: 1923-1929.

Helen Olcott Choate Bell (1830-1918)
Materials dated: 1890-1914.

William Rose Benét (1886-1950)
American poet, writer, and editor. Materials dated: 1915-1948.

Bernhard Berenson (1865-1959)
American art historian. Materials dated: 1897-1938.