Oftentimes, the library functions as a second home for students.  With three distinct libraries on campus, students have the opportunity to find study spaces that suit them.  Whether a student prefers to study with his friends or in isolation, the libraries can accommodate him.

Locating a Study Space…


Miller Library

When you enter the first floor of Miller Library, you generally see students talking amongst themselves, working on collaborative projects, or studying independently at computer spaces.  The first floor contains computers, printers, and a copier for students to use, and it connects to the Davis Classroom, which has more computers and printers, and the Wormser Reading room, which offers additional table space to students.  Special Collections, the room designated for storing and preserving Colby’s rare books and archives, is also located on the first floor.  When you walk upstairs to the second floor, you will see that it is designed more specifically for group work as it contains private study rooms with whiteboards and tables.  You will also find the Farnham Writers’ Center, which constantly provides students with access to writing tutors, and the Center for the Arts and Humanities.  When you proceed to the third floor, you will notice that it is much quieter than the first and second floors, and the study spaces are isolated via cubicles.

The floor below Miller Library, known as ‘the street,’ is open to students 24/7, and it has numerous tables and a computer lab (printer included).



Olin Science Library

Unlike Miller Library, the Olin Science Library has two floors.  Just outside the entrance of the library are comfortable chairs with tables for additional study space.  When you enter the library, you will see students working quietly at tables or in cubicles.  There are also a few study rooms available for students to reserve for up to four hours at a time.  When you walk downstairs to the basement of the library, you will find more desks and tables offered for quiet studying.



Bixler Art and Music Library

The Bixler Art and Music Library is one floor consisting of tables, desks, computers, a printer (color or black and white), and a copier.  You will find that this library is more heavily dominated by books and journals; however, it contains the Lunder Reading Room which offers optimum lighting and comfortable seating for a more relaxed study atmosphere.  This library also has a media lab, where students have access to programs like Photoshop.


If students prefer to study outside the libraries, they can access an open classroom, a study space in Davis containing wall-sized chalkboards (perfect for long math equations), a table in Mudd overlooking Mayflower Hill, a computer lab or comfortable seating in Diamond, a small lounge above the Museum of Art, or anywhere else they can find a spot.