A display of 'zines from the Libraries' collection.Zines are self-published creations, often handmade via photocopier, usually intended to circulate among a community or interest group. Zines serve as a way for historically marginalized people, including women, to participate in the publication process without the involvement of traditional hierarchies. Although zines had been around for decades prior, they are often associated with the riot grrrl movement and third-wave feminism.

Colby College Libraries actively collects zines and has hundreds of publications to explore. Below are links to selections from our zine collection by, for, and/or about women. To find more, browse the Libraries Special Collections and Archives, borrow copies from Bixler Art and Music Library, or look through titles online.

Endometriosis: A Story For Everyone

A zine discussing a condition common among women and other people with uteruses and advocating for equality in healthcare.

Get Down, Ladies: a feminist/queer zine #4

“Let’s celebrate Pride Month! For the June issue of our monthly Feminist/Queer zine, we have dedicated our pages to appreciating LGBTQ+ History, while eliciting a call to action for how we can fight for equal rights in the present day. We’ve got a recap of the origins of the Gay Liberation Movement and highlights of recent reporting about companies currently funding hatred and anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and lawmakers, including those trying to kill the Equality Act. Of course, you’ll also find your Rad Girl centerfold, some new music reviews and news, and more poetry”

Voices Indigenous Women on The Front Lines Speak

A biographical zine- “Dane Zaa and Nehiyaw poet and mother Helen Knott was central to the occupation of her traditional territories in 2016 to protect the Peace River, Sahghii Nachii, from the destructive Site C Dam.”

Muchacha: Collective Care

“The COVID-19 pandemic, the George Floyd uprising, and the economic crisis have lifted the veil of our individualistic capitalist system to offer another path forward: collective care. A tool of survival & liberation, collective care prioritizes an individual’s well-being as the shared responsibility of a group as opposed to the lone task of an individual. Centering the voices of creatives of color, this 57-page issue sheds light on how we can build the infrastructures of care & support that are necessary to liberate our communities and ensure the future of our world”

Big Girl Rock: Navigating a Fat Life

An autobiographical zine about living as a fat person.


“Have you ever been curious about what a support group does? What self-care is? What are pervasive issues faced by a Muslim woman in Singapore? What is cultural and intergenerational trauma? If so, you’ve chanced upon the right zine! This zine, presented in a blend of comics, listicles, quotes and testimonials documents real stories from our support group sessions, as well as self-care tips to bring home. Perfect as a gift for a friend who needs support, those who are bored on the MRT, as well as those who are fans of pastel colors and cute imagery in general. This zine on ‘healing, support, community’ is the first issue in a group of zines about the Penawar experience”

Women in Sound

“In circulation since 2015, Women in Sound is a print and online zine dedicated to women and non-binary people in all areas of live and recorded sound”

Better Feminism Workbook

“The author presents a series of questions to help people of all genders dig deeper into their intentions, assumptions, and relationship patterns. A simple, one-of-a-kind workbook zine that can be used for both solo writing exercises and as prompts for discussion groups”